Package jglcore

Interface Summary
JGL_3DStruct Interface representing a 3D displayable structure.

Class Summary
JGL 3D display system.
JGL_3DBsp Dynamic BSP tree.
JGL_3DMatrix 4x4 Matrix used for 3D Transformations.
JGL_3DMesh Representation of a 3D basic mesh.
JGL_3DMovable Representation of a movable 3D object witch can be insert into a BSP tree.
JGL_3DPlane Representation of a plane in a 3D space.
JGL_3DTriangle Representation of a basic 3D triangle.
JGL_3DVector Representation of a vector in 3D space.
JGL_Math Static class gathering mathematics functions (trigonometry, linear algebra).
JGL_Time Real-time manager.